Donate to CiTR!


Donate to CiTR’s Fundrive!

Donate during “Canada Post-Rock” this Monday November 21st from 12-1AM (or anytime during fundrive) and get these special limited edition prizes!

Pledge $30

and get your name animated (all explode-y and fancy) by Pbone himself. You’ll get a 5 second video file similar (but different) to this:


Also available on a transparency (to add on top of your own videos). As well as the CiTR Friends Card, which is worth it’s own weight in gold…

Pledge $60

and you’ll get the Friends of (the future) CiTR Card, the Cold Fusion Cooler and a CD pack including:

Los Campesinos – Hello Sadness

Eyvind Kang – Athlantis

Joe Lally – From there to here

Matana Roberts Qaurtet – The Chicago Project

Sandro Perri– Impossible Spaces

Hanne Hukkelberg – Rykestrasse


A special 15 minute skateboard demo or basic lesson at a skatepark or location of your choice (when the weather is nice enough)

Pledge $101.9

and you’ll get:

Friends of (the future) CiTR Card
Cold Fusion Cooler
Astro-Ostrich T-shirt


You’ll get a free haircut from Barbarella ($50-$70 value!)

See the rest of the CiTR Fundrive Pledge values here!