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Monday Aug 15th Show


Monday August 15th Show

Tracks from Thomas, Marissa Nadler and Kate Maki! Plus metal from Aggoloch and SunnO)))

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Artist Song Album
Canada Post-Rock
Tuesday, August 16 2011
pj harvey in the dark places let england shake
Marissa Nadler Puppet Master Marissa Nadler
Kate Maki Lose My Mind Moonshine
Thomas Let It Be You Such Is Your Triumph
Sean Nicholas Savage Autumn Comes To Town Spread Free Like A Butterfly
Feu Therese Ca Va Cogner Ca Va Cogner
Timber Timbre Souviners Creep On Creepin’ On
Aggoloch Into The Painted Grey Marrow Of The Spirit
SunnO))) Bathory Erzebet Black One

Monday August 8th Show

Monday August 8th Show

Some tracks from Beirut, Zach and Owen Pallett! Also Azita, The Caretaker & more…

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Artist Album Song
Tuesday, August 9
Canada Post-Rock (00:00-01:00)
Pygmy Lush Oldfriends Penny On My Deathbed
Azita Enantiodromia Better End In Time
Krista Muir Between Atoms The Wash
Final Fantasy Spectrum 14th Century The Butcher
Beirut Flying Club Pup Cliquot
Tzadeka Piece De Resistance Ten Times
Austra Feel It Break The Future
Fortunately Everything Dies Horror Manos
The Caretaker Persistent Repetition Of Phrases Persistent Repetition Of Phrases
Boduf Songs Down Among The Mashers Pt. 2 There Is Something Hanging Above
Our Love Will Destroy The World Stillborn Plague Angels Chinese Emporors And The Army Of Eternity Over Prehistoric Texas

Monday Aug 1st Show

Monday August 1st Show

Holiday Edition! Tracks from Eleanor Friedburger, Woods, Higuma…

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Artist Song Album
Canada Post-Rock
Tuesday, August 2 2011
Woods Who Do You Think I Am? Sun and Shade
Brian Borcherdt Coyotes Coyotes
One Hundred Dollars Brother Songs Of Man
Eleanor Friedburger Inn Of The Seventh Ray Last Summer
Anna Atkinson Careful, My Dear Mooniture
Sean Nicholas Savage I Love You Goodbye Mutual Feelings of Respect and Admiration
Les Jupes Someone Lit A Fire Under Khruschev Modern Myths
Higuma Veiled Lamp Pacific Fog Dreams
Scorces Romance Is A Thing Of The Past I Turn Into You